If your existing landscape is in need of being revived, Second Nature offers enhancements to bring back the landscape you want. By offering seasonal color, color-enhanced mulch, containerized plantings and specific recommendations for your landscape décor, we can enhance the profile of your existing landscape. We can provide you with unique, high-quality accents to complement your existing landscape.


Our mowing service grew from the demand of our existing customer base. Most wanted a professional company who could offer a dependable service to keep their lawns manicured on a regular basis. Second Nature will take the time to do the little things that set our mowing service apart.


With the growing demand to conserve fresh water, Second Nature is an industry leader in offering water conservation services while still providing your landscape with the correct amount of water to maintain your landscape. We offer irrigation maintenance and repair, spring start up services, fall winterization services, system monitoring, and water control management services.

Ice Sculptures

Although frozen water features aren’t exactly an art of Second Nature, we can help maintain your moving water during winter months. Second Nature highly recommends leaving your water features running as long as possible into the winter. If plummeting temperatures do cause frozen conditions on your water feature, Second Nature can provide the material and service to allow your water to continue flowing throughout those frigid times.


Teaming with local suppliers, Second Nature offers mulch for sale in three different aspects:

at our property for those wanting to pick it up

delivered to your property for you to apply on your own

installed by the mulch elves at Second Nature

We offer the highest quality shredded mulch with wood fibers. From the hardwood supplier, the mulch is then dyed to a dark chocolate brown before arriving at our location ready for installation.

Remember—It’s “mulch” easier to let Second Nature do the mulching for you.